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Track Links of Karl

There were two different track link sets for Karl. One was for the 8-wheel vehicles Nr.I and II. The other set was for the 11-wheel vechicles Nr.III through VI (and probably Nr.VII as well). See Table below for data.

Table Track Link Data
# of Road Wheels 8 8 11 11 11 11 11?
Drive Sproket Teeth 17 17 12 12 12 12 12?
Diameter of Drive Sproket
Track Link Width 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
Track Link Pitch 170mm 170mm 240mm* 240mm 240mm 240mm 240mm?
# of Track Links (per side) 133 133 94 94 94 94 94?

*Reference [37] indicates that the track pitch for Nr.III was 250mm. I wonder this is a typo...

Fig.1 shows the 240mm-pitch link for the 11-wheel chassis (Nr.III through VI). Note that this is not an exact scale drawing, as I have never had an opportunity to measure the real thing in Kubinka...

Note that the 240mm-pitch link for the 11-wheel chassis has a round hole at the center of the guide horn, whereas the 170mm-pitch link for the 8-wheel chassis (Nr.I and II) doesn't.

Fig.1 Track Link of Nr.III-VI

Kit Parts

  • Hasegawa 1/72

    Mini Box No.33 "Karl with Munitionspanzer IV"
    Hasegawa kits have vinyl tracks which are niether glueable nor paintable. Considering these kits are nearly 30 years old, it will be too harsh to blame Hasegawa for these tracks. You had better apply primer or surfacer to them before you attempt painting them.

    Mold on the face is not bad for this scale. However there is no mold on the back. The width of the track link is wider than the original (about 7.7mm vs 500mm/72 = 6.94mm on original), and the pitch is longer (about 3mm vs 170mm/72 = 2.36mm on original) as the track link for the 8-wheel chassis, which Hasegawa is modelling on. This long pitch is more like the track link for 11-wheel chassis. Well, thirty years ago, Hasegawa wasn't able to find many good reference on Karl, I guess...

  • Dragon 1/35

    240mm-pitch track
    6179 "60cm Moerser "Karl" Geraet 040"
    Dragon kits include "link and length" track parts. They look adequate, but are not exceptionally good. The biggest problem with these parts is that they are too wide (about 16.5mm, the real link is 500mm/35 = 14.3mm wide). The height of the guide horn looks marginally lower than the original. The pitch of the links is, on the other hand, correct. Because these are injection parts, they lack the hole in the guide horn and details on their side. You may want to drill holes where they are visible after assembly. In addition, the parts has pin marks on the back. As they are shallow, bit of sanding will remove the marks.

  • Trumpeter 1/35

    240mm-pitch track
    00209 "Moeser Karl-Geraet 040/041 on railway transport carrier"

    170mm-pitch track
    00208 "Moeser Karl-Geraet 040/041 (Initial Version) on railway transport carrier"

    While Trumpeter kits are considered to be miles better than Dragon's, the biggest weak point of Trumpeter's offering is these vinyl tracks. I don't understand why they thought the vinyl tracks would suit their highly-detailed, expensive kits. These tracks do have some notable details (molds on their side, and a hole in the guide horn of the 240mm-pitch link), but they are too stiff and have many flushes to be removed. Molds on the face of the tracks are slightly weak too.

    It appears these vinyl tracks are dimensionally more accurate than Dragon kits.

    240mm-pitch track
    00209 "Moeser Karl-Geraet 040/041 on railway transport carrier"

Track Link Sets

Five manufacuturers have released track sets for 1/35 Karl kits. They are all workable individual link sets.

240mm Pitch Track 170mm Pitch Track
Atelier Inifinite

35-006 Geraet 040/041 Track Link Set

35-007 Karl Initial Version Track Link Set
Lionmarc Model Designs

AW-70005 1/35 Karl Morsel (DML) Track Links

CL30006 Karl Morsel Track link (170mm pitch for Trumpeter)

ATL-85 Karl Moerser - Late

ATL-84 Karl Moerser - Early
Spade Ace

SAT-35146 Morser Karl-Gerat Late
(Injection Plastics)

02054 KARL Late Track Links

02053 KARL Early Track Links

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