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Reference Materials of Karl Moerser

The following is the list of reference materials I have seen. As Karl Moerser is an interesting subject, it is featured in many books and magazines. There can be many more I have missed...

Note that some of the listed reference may contain just one or two photos and minimal description regarding Karl.

1. "German Panzer IV and Fighting vechicles in WWII", Bunrindo, 1971.
2 photos of Munitionsschlepper for Karl. Language: Japanese.

2. "Warsaw Uprising", WWII Books 56, Sankei Newspaper Press, 1973.
Language: Japanese.

3. "German Tanks in WWII", Bunrindo, 1976.
Language: Japanese.

4. "German Railway Guns in WWII", Bunrindo, 1977.
Language: Japanese.

5. "German Tanks in WWII", Bunrindo, 1979.
Language: Japanese.

6. "German Self-Propelled Artillery in WWII", Bunrindo, 1979.
Language: Japanese.

7. "German Super Weapons in WWII", Tank Magazine Special Issue, 1984.
Language: Japanese.

8. "German Panzer IV and Its Variations", Tank Magazine Special Issue, 1986.
Language: Japanese.

9. Chamberlain, P., Doyle, H. L., "German Tanks", Dainihon Kaiga, 1986, ISBN 4-499-20533-6.
Japanese edition of [30]. Language: Japanese.


10. Hobby Japan, No.215, April, 1987.
Hobby Japan, No.216, May, 1987.
Hobby Japan, No.217, June, 1987.
Hobby Japan, No.218, July, 1987.
Hobby Japan, No.219, August, 1987.
Japanese model magazine. Scratch-built Karl and Munitionsschlepper by Katsuzo OZAWA. Language: Japanese.

11. Tank Magazine, Vol.10, No.9, 1987.
Tank Magazine, Vol.11, No.3, 1988.
Language: Japanese.

12. "German Weapons 3", Tank Magazine Special Issue, 1991.
Language: Japanese.

13. PANZER, No.214, October, 1991.
Language: Japanese.

14. PANZER, No.215, November, 1991.
(Disappointing) Scale drawing of Karl. Language: Japanese.

15. Tank Magazine, Vol.15, No.4, 1992.
Language: Japanese.

16. "German Self-Propelled Artillery in WWII", No.404, Model Art, 1993.
Special issue of a Japanese model magazine. Scratch-built Karl by Masatoshi UNO and reference article by Jin GOTO. Language: Japanese.

17. "German Self-Propelled Artillery", Sunday Art, 1994.
Language: Japanese.

18. Ground Power, No.22, March, Delta Publishing, 1996.
Featuring WWII German experimental vehicles. This issue is later re-edited and published as a special edition [52]. Language: Japanese.

19. "Kubinka Tank Museum Collection - German and others", No.473, Model Art, 1996.
There is an accompanying volume featuring Russian vehicles. Language: Japanese.

20. Model Art, No.488, April, 1997.
Model Art, No.490, May, 1997.
Model Art, No.492, June, 1997.
Model Art, No.496, August, 1997.
Model Art, No.498, September, 1997.
Model Art, No.504, December, 1997.
Japanese model magazine. Excellent CMK 1/35 model and scratch-built Munitionsschlepper. Language: Japanese.

21. "Military Modeling Manual", No.10, Hobby Japan, 1998.
Japanese modelling book. Mini-Art Studio 1/35 model by Show KASE. Language: Japanese.

22. "German Secret Weapons in WWII (1)", Ground Power Special Issue, Delta Publishing, 2000.
Language: Japanese.

23. Spielberger, W. J., "Special Fighting Vehicles", Dainihon Kaiga, 2002, ISBN 4-499-22774-7.
The Japanese edition of [29]. Language: Japanese.


24. Armour Modelling, Vol.40, February, Dainihon Kaiga, 2003.
Japanese model magazine. It features one rare photograph of the Karl captured by Russians. Language: Japanese.

25. F. M. von Senger, Etterlin, "German Tanks of World War II", Galahad Books, 1969, ISBN 0-88365-051-7.
Language: English.

26. F. M. von Senger, Etterlin, "Die Deutschen Geschuitze 1939-1945", Lehmanns, 1973, ISBN 3-469-00186-3.
Language: German. This book is currently available as:
F. M. von Senger, Etterlin, "Die deutschen Geschuitze 1939-1945", Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1999, ISBN 3-7637-5989-1.


27. Waffen Revue, Nr.3, DWJ, 1971.
Waffen Revue, Nr.21, DWJ, 1976.
Waffen Revue, Nr.22, DWJ, 1976.
Waffen Revue, Nr.23, DWJ, 1976.
Waffen Revue, Nr.32, DWJ, 1979.
Very good reference. These were probably the first detailed information on the development of Karl geraet. Language: German.


28. Spielberger, W. J., "Panzer IV & Its Variants", The Spielberger German Armor & Military Vehicles, Vol IV, Schiffer Books, 1993, ISBN 0-88740-515-0.
Language: English. Originally published in Germany as:
Spielberger, W. J., "Der Panzerkampfwagen IV und seine Abarten", Militaerfahrzeuge Band 5, Motorbuch Verlag, 1975, ISBN 4-87943-402-6.


28b. Spielberger, W. J., Doyle, H. L., Jentz, T. L., "Panzerkampwagen IV and Its Variants 1935-1945 Book 2", The Spielberger German Armor and Military Vehicle Series, Schiffer Books, 2011, ISBN 978-0764337567.
Language: English. Originally published in Germany as:
Spielberger, W. J., Doyle, H. L., Jentz, T. L., "Begleitwagen Panzerkampfwagen IV", Militaerfahrzeuge Neuer Band 5, Motorbuch Verlag, 1998, ISBN 3-613-01903-5.


29. Spielberger, W. J., "Spezial-Panzer Farhzeuge des deutschen Heeres", Militaerfahrzeuge Band 8, Motorbuch Verlag, 1977, ISBN 3-87943-457-3.
Language: German.


30. Chamberlain, P., Doyle, H. L., "Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two", Arms and Armour Press, 1978, ISBN 0-85368-202-X.
Language: English. Currently available as:
Chamberlain, P., Doyle, H. L., "Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two", Sterling, 1999, ISBN 978-1854095183.


31. Engelmann, J., "German Heavy Mortars", Schiffer Military History Vol.39, Schiffer Books, 1991, ISBN 0-88740-322-0.
Language: English. Originally availabe in German as
Engelmann, J., "Deutsche Schwere Moerser", Band 43, Waffen-Arsenal, Podzun-Pallas-Verlag, 1978, ISBN 3-7909-0064-8.


32. Taube, G., "Die Schwersten Steilfeuer-Geschuetze 1914-1945", Motorbuch Verlag, 1981, ISBN 3-87943-811-0.
Very good reference. Language: German.


33. Ledwoch, J., "Karl-Moerser Geraet 040/041", Wydawnictwo Militaria, 1996, ISBN 83-86209-98-4.
Language: Polish.


34. Military Armor International, No.6, Librairie Le Hussard, 1999.
Military Armor International, No.7, Librairie Le Hussard, 1999.
Military Armor International, No.8, Librairie Le Hussard, 2000.
Military Armor International, No.9, Librairie Le Hussard, 2000.
CMK kit review. Language: French with English supplement.

35. Military Vehicle Modeller International, No.7, Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd, 2000.
Military Vehicle Modeller International, No.13, Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd, 2001.
Military Vehicle Modeller International, No.15, Guildhall Leisure Services Ltd, 2001.
CMK kit review. Language: English.

36. Militaria I Fakty, No.3, Ajaks, 2001, ISSN 1509-8524.
Language: Polish.

37. Jentz, T. L., "Bertha's Big Brother Karl Geraet (60cm) & (54cm)", Panzer Tracts, 2001, ISBN 0-9708407-2-1.
The latest and definitive reference. Language: English.


38. Poligon, No.2 (10), 2002.
Language: Russian.

39. Jentz, T. L., "Artillerie Selbstfahrlafetten 15cm s.I.G.33 auf Pz.Kpfw.I (ohne Aufbau) to Karl-Geraet (54cm)", Panzer Tracts, No.10, Panzer Tracts, 2002, ISBN 0-9708407-5-6.
Language: English.


40. Allied-Axis, No.9, Ampersand Publishing, 2003.
Language: English.

41. Hahn, F., "Waffen und Geheimwaffen des deutschen Heeres 1933-1945", Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1998, ISBN 3-7637-5915-8.
Language: German.


42. Hobby Japan, No.408, June, 2003.
Japanese model magazine. DML kit review by Shutaro AOKI. Language: Japanese.

43. Model Art, No.634, June, 2003.
Japanese model magazine. DML kit review by YASUDA. Includes many photos of the Karl Moerser in the Kubinka Tank museum. Language: Japanese.

44. Master Modelers, Vol.9, Geibun-sha, 2003.
Japanese model magazine. Another DML kit review. Language: Japanese.

45. Model Graphics, No.94, August, Dainihon Kaiga, 1992.
Japanese model magazine. Scratch-built Karl by Brian Wells. Language: Japanese.

46. PANZER, No.191, January, Sunday Art, 1990.
Language: Japanese.

47. PANZER, No.372, June, Algonote, 2003.
Language: Japanese.

48. Ledwoch, J., "Warszawa 1944", No.148, Wydawnictwo Militaria, 2002, ISBN 83-7219-121-2.
Language: Polish.

49. Hobby Japan, No.410, August, 2003.
Japanese model magazine. Excellent CMK 1/35 Munitionsschlepper model built by Shutaro AOKI. Languate: Japanese.

50. World Weapons, No.29, DeAGOSTINI Japan, 2003.
Munitionsshlepper for Kar. 1 page. Languate: Japanese.

51. World Weapons, No.48, DeAGOSTINI Japan, 2003.
Two unpublished(?) photographs of Karl. Languate: Japanese.

52. WWII German Experimental Military Vehicles, Ground Power Special Edition, September, 2003.
Re-edited, special edition of [18]. The book is now farther revised and reissued as [83]. Language: Japanese.

53. AFV Modeller, No.12, September/October, AFV Modeller, 2003.
DML Karl kit review, accompanied by a numerous photographs of Ziu preserved in the Kubinka tank musium. Language: English.


54. Military Miniatures in Review, No.33, Ampersand Publishing, 2003.
DML Karl kit review. Language: English.

55. Spielberger, W. J., Feist, U., "Sonderpanzer - German Special Purpose Vehicles", Armor Series, No.9, Aero Publishers, Inc., 1968.
Old, but definitive reference of those days. Language: English.


56. Fine Scale Modeler, Vol.12, No.2, February, Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1994.
Scratch-built Karl by Brian Wells. Language: English.

57. Master Modelers, Vol.12, Geibun-sha, 2003.
Reviews on Dragon's 1/35 540mm Geraet 041, and MetalTroops's 1/144 resin kit. Five color charts of Karls on various fronts. Language: Japanese.

58. German Experimental Tanks and Heavy AFVs, Tank Magazine Special Issue, 1988.
Language: Japanese.

59. Military Modelling, Vol.33, No.13, November, Highbury-Nexus Special Interests Ltd., 2003.
Review on Dragon 1/35 kit, together with 2 pages of photos of the Karl Moerser in the Kubinka Tank Museum. Language: English

60. Model Graphix, No.232, March, Dainihon Kaiga, 2004.
Short review article on Dragon 1/35 kit. Language: Japanese.

61. Military Modeling Manual, No.16, Hobby Japan, 2004, ISBN 4-89425-321-6
A diorama featuring Karl and Munitionsschlepper, which previously appeared in Hobby Japan [42] and [49]. Language: Japanese.


62. Steel Art, No.5, Auriga Publishing International, 2003.
DML Karl kit review, accompanied by 6 pages of photographs of Ziu preserved in the Kubinka tank musium. Many photographs are the same as the ones in AFV Modeller [53]. But there are a few which are not found in [53]. Language: Italian

63. Stefan Koenig, FAMO 18t, The Military Machine, Koenig Verlag, 2001, ISBN 3-9805216-4-8.
Some photos of disassembled Karl, mounted on Culemeyer trailers, and towed by FAMO 18t prime movers. Language: English

64. Jentz, T. L., Doyle, H. L., "Gepanzerte Nachschub Fahrzeuge", Panzer Tracts, No.17, Panzer Tracts, 2004, ISBN 0-9744862-4-8.
Large format photos of Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV. Language: English

65. Ground Power, No.121, June, 2004.
Special article on Karl. 68 pages long! In addition to well-known photos, there are a number of unpublished photos. Photos of the vehicle in the Kubinka museum are also included. Language: Japanese.

66. Military Modelling, Vol.22, No.8, August, Argus Specialist Publications, 1992.
A scratch-built Karl by Steve Shrimpton. Language: English

67. Steel Masters Specials, No.22, Histoire & Collections, 2004.
A Dragon's kit detailed with PE parts and ARMO barrel. Language: French

68. Master Modelers, Vol.19, Geibun-sha, 2004.
A review on Trumpeter's 1/35 kit. Language: Japanese

69. Model Art, No.674, February, 2005.
A review on Trumpeter's 1/35 kit. Language: Japanese

70. Doyle, D., "Standard Catalog of German Military Vehicles", kp books, 2005, ISBN 0-87349-783-X.
Language: English


71. Tamiya Model Magazine International, No.116, June, ADH Publishing, 2005.
A review article on Dragon 6181 54cm Moerser "Loki" Geraet 041. Language: English

72. Steel Masters, No.67, February-March, Histoire & Collections, 2005.
A review article on Dragon 1/144 Karl and other tanks. Language: French

73. Scale Models International, Vol.35, Issue 413, August, SAM Publications, 2005.
Review articles on Dragon 1/35 and Trumpeter 1/144 kits. Language: English

74. Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.38, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Ball of Death - 1st Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.78, April, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.39, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Ball of Death - 2nd Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.79, May, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.40, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Ball of Death - 3rd Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.80, June, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.41, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Armoured Death - 1st Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.81, July, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.42, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Armoured Death - 2nd Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.82, August, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
Takahashi, Battle of Kampfgruppe No.43, August 1944 Warsaw Uprising - Armoured Death - 3rd Part, Armour Modelling, Vol.83, September, Dainihon Kaiga, 2006.
The last installation in Vol.83 mentions activities of the Heeres Artillerie Baterie 638, which had Ziu. Language: Japanese

75. Master Modelers, Vol.46, Geibun-sha, 2007.
A review of Trumpeter Karl (kit #215) and Munitionpanzer IV (kit #362). Language: Japanese

76. Model Art, No.727, June, 2007.
A review of Trumpeter Munitionpanzer IV (kit #362). Language: Japanese

77. Fine Scale Modeler, Vol.25, No.6, July, Kalmbach Publishing Co., 2007.
A review of Trumpeter Munitionpanzer IV (kit #362). Language: English

78. Ledwoch, J., "Geraet 040/041 Karl Moerser", Tank Power Vol.281, Wydawnictwo Militaria, 2007, ISBN 978-837-219-281-3.
Language: Polish and English. This appears to be based on other reference books from the same publisher, [33] and [48]. There are some interesting descriptions, which do not quite agree with other reference such as [37]. I found the text on the Warsaw uprising ery informative. Photos are mostly well-known ones except for few of the Munitionpanzer IV and unexploded shells in Warsaw, and their print quality is disappointingly low. There are a few photos of the Karl in Kubinca too. 1/35 drawings are also included, but medeiocre.


79. Sweeting, C.G., "Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol", Brassey's Inc., 2004, ISBN 1-57488-796-3.
Language: English. As the name suggests, this is on the siege of Sevastopol by Germans in 1942. The book has extensive appendices describing various German weapons used during the siege. Karl and Dora are given one appendix section each. A paperback edition also exists: Sweeting, C.G., "Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol", Potomac Books, 2005, 1-57488-797-1.


80. Taube, G., "500 Years of German Cannon", Schiffer Books, 2001, ISBN 0-7643-1308-8.
Language: English. The book gives brief textual description of Karl. But, there are a few photos which are otherwise available only in [32]. The photo showing Karl Nr.I, "Baldur" with 3-tone camoflage is not seen any other books in print. This is the English edition of
Taube, G., "500 Jahre Deutsche Riesenkanonen", Waffen Arsenal, Podzun-Pallas-Verlag, ISBN 3-7909-0420-1.


81. Forczyk, R., "Sevastopol 1942, Von Manstein's Triumph", Campaign 189, Osprey Publishing, 2008, ISBN 978-1-84603-221-9.
Another excellent book on the siege of Sevastopol in 1942. The book contains just one photo of Karl. I saw this photo in an eBay auction before, but it is probably the first time to be published in printed form. Language: English.


82. Model Art, No.742, February, 2008.
Trumpeter 1/35 Karl and Munitionpanzer IV. Language: Japanese

83. WWII German Experimental Military Vehicles, Ground Power Special Edition, March, 2008.
Revised edition of [52]. Unfortunately text and photos of Karl are somewhat cut down. Language: Japanese.

84. Engelmann, J., Scheibert, H., "Deutsche Artillerie 1934-1945, Eine Dokumentaqtion in Text, Skizzen und Bildern", C. A. Starke Verlag, 1974.
Language: German

85. Xtreme Modelling, Issue 23, Xtreme Modelling Publications, 2007
Trumpeter 1/35 Karl Geraet 041 (540mm gun) on railway transport carriages. It depicts Loki in Spring 1945 before captured by Americans. Language: English

86. Steel Art, No.43, Auriga Publishing International, July 2007.
Trumpeter 1/35 Munitionpanzer IV. Language: Italian

87. Steel Art, No.48, Auriga Publishing International, December, 2007.
A short article on Trumpeter 1/35 Karl on railway transport carriages. Language: Italian

88. Xtreme Modelling, Issue 29, Xtreme Modelling Publications, 2008
Dragon 1/35 Karl. Language: English

89. Archer, L., Auerbach, W., "Panzerwrecks 6", Panzerwrecks, August, 2008, ISBN 978-097541836-9.
Three photos of Loki captured by US Army in Spring 1945. I assume they have not been published in print before.


90. Les thematiques Steel Masters, No.5, Histoire & Collections, April 2009.
Special issue on the Sevastopol campaign. There is no Karl models, but a 10-page article on Karl, with about 20 photos and drawings. The photos are all well-known ones published before in other publications. Language: French

91. M Hobby, Zeihgaus Publication, 10 (96) 2008.
A reivew article on Hobby Boss 1/72 Karl kits. Language: Russian

92. Forczyk, R., "Warsaw 1944, Poland's bid for freedom", Campaign 205, Osprey Publishing, 2009, ISBN 978-1-84603-352-0.
The latest book on the Warsaw uprising in 1944. Language: English


93. "The Warsaw Uprising", After the Battle 143, Battle of Britain International Ltd, 2009.
Another book on the Warsaw uprising. Language: English


94. "German Flak and Karl Morsoer [Revised Edition]", Ground Power Extra Edition, June, 2010.
Updated article from Ground Power No.121 [65]. Unfortunately this edition does not include photos of Karl preserved in Kubinka which were in [65]. Language: Japanese.


95. Military Modeling Manual, No.23, Hobby Japan, 2011, ISBN 978-4-7986-0229-5.
Has an article of a diorama of two Trumpeter 1/35 Karls by Show KASE. (KASE presented another diorama of a Mini-Art Studio 1/35 Karl and a scratch-built railway transporter in Military Modeling Manual No.10[21] back in 1998.) The diorama also includes a scratch-built 35t crane. I believe this crane has never been modeled in any scale before. Language: Japanese.


96. Ledwoch, J., Warsaw 1: Tanks in the Uprising, August 1944 - October 1944, Leander & Ekholm Publishers, 2011, ISBN 978-91-97589-53-6.
The book describes tanks and armoured vehicles used by German and Polish sides. One chapter is dedicated to the Karl moeser. Although most photos of Karl are well known ones, the text has interesting descriptions on the damages inflicted by Karl, and unexploded shells. Language: English


97. Ellis, C., PzKpfw IV at the front, Vol.5: Variants, 8wheels-good Publishing, 2011, ISBN 978-0-9563655-4-5
About 9 unpublished photos of Munitionsschlepper. Unfortunately the quality is not very good. The book can be purchased only from Language: English


98. Ledwoch, J., "PzKpfw IV vol.III", Tank Power Vol.374, Wydawnictwo Militaria, 2012, ISBN 9788372193742.
Language: Polish text and English summary. About 10 photos and some drawings of Munitionsschlepper auf Panzer IV are included. The photos are all well-known ones, and the drawings are from Vol.281.


99. Archer, L., Auerbach, W., "Panzerwrecks 15: German Armour 1944-45", Panzerwrecks, May, 2013, ISBN 978-1908032058.
18 pages of photos of Karl in large and clear format. They are mostly of Karl Nr.II and Nr.V which were captured by US Army in 1945. Language: English


100. Culemeyer, J., "Die Eisenbahn ins Haus", VDI Verlag, 1987, ISBN 3-18-400615-8.
Language: German. A technical reference book on the Culemeyer trailer written by the developer of the trailer, Johann Culemeyer himself. The book was originally published in 1939.

101. Bode, W., "Alleskoenner fuer alle Wege", Bahn-Extra, pp.48-50, 5/2000, Oktober/November, GeraNova Zeitschriftenverlag, 2000, ISSN 0937-7174, ISBN 3-89724-148-X.
A short article on Culemeyer trailers in Deutche Reichsbahn before and during WWII. Language: German.

102. Kandler, U., "Culemeyer-Fahrzeuge", Ek-Verlag, April, 2013, ISBN 978-3-88255-242-3.
Language: German. As there have not been many reference books on Culemeyer trailers, and it is difficult to obtain Culemeyer's original book [100], this new book is definitely welcome addition to our bookshelves. (I found it interesting that does not list this book, while,, and do have it; is rather reluctant to deal non-English language books?)


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  4. Panzers in Scale

  5. Tank museum, Russia

  6. Tank Modelerz Online


  8. Hillersleben Proving Ground

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