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  • ARMO: 1/35 Shell
    35773 Sprengranate Loki
    35774 Betongranate Karl
    35775 Betongranate Karl
    (Released in June 2004)

    35774, 35775 are 60 cm "schwere Betongranate". 35773 is 54 cm shell.

    It is rather confusing that these two "schwere Betongranate" packages bear exactly the same product name. The shell 35774 is shaped as a single piece. The shell 35775 consists of two parts: a hollow ballistic cap (see a drawing in "Ammunition for Karl") is turned as a separate part. While it is an admirable idea to provide a separate cap, the result is not very convincing. The cap seems too thick, and the tip of the main part of the shell is shaped too small because of that.

    Both "schwere Betongranate" shells have good outer shape, though the pointed end looks slightly too pointed. They have more details around the bottom the shells than the one in Dragon's kits. However, the characteristic mold on the bottom surface of the real "schwere Betongranate" shell is omitted. Considering the price of these packages, would it be too much to ask to provide a small PE ferret to reproduce such mold?

    The name of the 54 cm shell 35773 says that it is for "Loki". This is, of course, not totally accurate description for this shell. ARMO probably decided to use the name "Loki" in order to make it more apparent that this product is for Dragon's 54 cm gun kit "Loki" (6181). The shape of the shell closely matches that of the shell in Dragon's 54 cm gun kit, and that leaves the question whether its length and profile is correct.

    Please refer to the page "Ammunition for Karl" too.

    35773 Sprengranate Loki

    35774 Betongranate Karl

    35775 Betongranate Karl

    (June 2004)

  • New Connection Models: 1/35 Shell

    3575 60cm Moerser Karl
    A tuned aluminum shell. According to the note of the product, it is a "leichte Betongranate". A brass cartridge is also included. It seems that New Connection Models sold "schwere Betongranate" with the same product number in the past (its photo can be seen here). They somehow changed their mind?

    It appears that the length of the shell is 2mm shorter than the real thing. In contrast, the cartridge looks too long. There is no detail on the bottom surface of the shell. But, this shouldn't be regarded as a big problem, as the detail of the bottom of "leichte Betongranate" is not well known.

    Please refer to the page "Ammunition for Karl" too.

    Review Articles

    1. New Connection - 60cm Karl Morser Projectile - Review
      A review article in Track-Link. It shows that New Connection Models sold "schwere Betongranate" at some point.

    (May 2003)

  • Nuts'n'Bits: 1/35 Shell

    Karl-Gerat schwere Betongranate 040 (60cm)
    Karl-Gerat schwere Betongranate 040 (60cm)
    (Released in June 2003)

    This is by far the best resin "schwere Betongranate" currently available. It should be noted that this is not produced by a commercial manufacturer, but by an enthusiastic hobbyist. Please refer to this page for details on its research and construction process.

    The shell consists of three parts which are beautifully casted without seam lines. There are more details around the bottom of the shell than the shells from other manufacturers. Not only round holes around the bottom, but also rectangular recesses are molded. It appears that the parts are slightly shrunken (less than 0.5mm in length and diameter) because of resin material, than the metal original parts published in the above web page. It is negligible difference and shouldn't be noticeable.

    Since February 2009, Tank Workshop is distributing this excellent shell.

    Review Articles

      In Perth Military Modellig Site.

    2. Nuts n Bits - Karl-Geraet 60cm Heavy Mortar shell - Review
      In Track-Link.

    (June, August, October 2003, March 2009)

  • Tank Workshop: 1/35 Shells

    TWS1081 Karl Geraet 60cm Shell
    TWS1081 Karl Geraet 60cm Shell
    (Released in February 2009)

    This is the commercial version of Daniel Munoz's shell, which is, IMHO, the best 1/35 resin replica of the schwere Betongranate for Karl, and has been available only in small quantity from the creator. It is most wellcome that the product is now made widely available.

    (March 2009)

  • Verlinden Productions: 1/35 Shells

    2137 Ammo for 60cm Morser Karl (Dragon/Trumpeter)
    2137 Ammo for 60cm Morser Karl (Dragon/Trumpeter)
    (Released in January 2005)

    This resin product consists of two 60 cm "schwere Betongranate", two 60 cm "leichte Betongranate", two cartridges, one crates for "leichte Betongranate", and two crates for the cartridges. They are very well cast. Only little flush is present and no significant lines and bubbles are visible.

    Because the shells have casting blocks at the bottom, they naturally do not have any details on the bottom surface. This is a big minus for this set of shells, as the real "schwere Betongranate" has characteristic mold there. Small round holes and other details around the bottom of the "schwere Betongranate" are also omitted. Both types of shells seems to be shorter than the real shells by 1 to 2 mm, and their diameters are slightly smaller too.

    The cartridges in this set seem to be too long, as is the case with the "leichte Betongranate" set from New Connection Models. It looks like the one for 54 cm shells.

    Please refer to the page "Ammunition for Karl" too.

    (January 2005)

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