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  • Eduard: Express Masks for Dragon 1/35 kits

    XT074 Morser Karl wheel mask
    XT074 Morser Karl wheel mask
    (Released in May 2003)

    "Express Masks" for upper return rollers in Dragon's kits.

    (June 2003)

  • JP Hobby: Conversion Set for Dragon 1/35 Kits
    JP35009 60cm Moerser "Karl" Geraet 040 - early chassis
    (Released in June 2003)

    This conversion set turns the 11 wheel chassis in Dragon's kits into an 8 wheel chassis. Road wheels are correctly positioned in asymmetrical manner on both sides. Parts are cleanly casted, and little flush is found. There are no visible bubbles. Although some small details are omitted, parts are in good shape overall.

    JP35009 60cm Moerser "Karl" Geraet 040 - early chassis

    The biggest problem with this set is that it requires drive sprocket wheels, idler wheels, and tracks from the original kit. These items on the real 8 wheel chassis are totally different from the ones on the 11 wheel chassis (some photos show the same idler wheel was used on both types of chassis at some point during the war, though...). As wheels and tracks are probably ones of the most challenging items when scratch-building tanks, the lack of correct wheels and tracks in this set may make it less appealing.

    After Trumpeter released an 8 wheel chassis Karl kit (00208), the value of this conversion kit was further reduced...

    (August 2003, October 2004)

  • Tank Workshop: Update parts for Trumpeter 1/35 kits

    TWS2007 Morser Karl-Gerat Inserts

    TWS2007 Morser Karl-Gerat Inserts
    (Released in January 2007)

    This is a simple update set to add details on the reverse side of road wheels in Trumpeter's 1/35 late chassis kits (#209, #215). Note that these details are visible only if the kit is built as the Automotive mode. For the Operation mode and the Railway Transport mode, these parts are not necessary because the reverse side of the road wheels is totally obscured.

    (February 2007)

  • Peddinghaus DecalsF 1/35, 1/72, 1/87 Decals for Karl

    EP2145 Beschriftung fuer den 60 cm Moerser Karl 1/35
    EP2145 Beschriftung fuer den 60 cm Moerser Karl 1/35
    EP2146 Beschriftung fuer den 60 cm Moerser Karl 1/72
    EP2208 Beschriftung fuer den 60 cm Moerser Karl 1/87
    (Released in 2010)

    A set of decals for Karl and its railway transport carrier in 1/35, 1/72, and 1/87 scales. Aside from 1/35 Trumpeter kits and 1/72 Hobby Boss kits, which come with a good set of decals in box, other Karl kits have only limited number of decal options. Peddinghaus products offer welcome alternative decals. The 1/87 set is particularly good for Trident and Artitec kits, both of which do not have any decals.

    Nicknames and vehicle numbers of Karl are provided in white and black lettering. I cannot say the nicknames 'Adam', 'Eve', 'Wotan', 'Odin', and 'Feniri' are printed in acurate fonts and size, because all these names are not found in any period photos. We know the name 'Adam' was painted on Karl Nr.I at some point during the war (ref.[38]). The name 'Thor' was painted on Nr.IV in white in 1942, and in black in 1944. Unfortunately the decal of 'Thor' looks slightly diffrent from those found in period photos.

    Vechiles numbers were found in various sizes and places on the vehicle, and they may be in roman numericals or regular numericals. We need some more research in this area.

    Karl Nr.III and Nr.IV had a battery insignia (?) painted on the front. This marking is not included in this decal set. This is unfortunate, but we shouldn't blame Peddinghaus too much, as the exact design of this insignia is not known.

    DecalColorVehicle, PeriodNotes
    nicknameAdamwhiteNr.I, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameAdamblackNr.I, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameBaldurwhiteNr.I, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameBaldurblackNr.I, 1943-1944font is slightly different
    nicknameRexwhiteNr.I, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameRexblackNr.I, 1944font is not known
    nicknameEvawhiteNr.II, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameEvablackNr.II, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameWotanwhiteNr.II, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameWotanblackNr.II, ?not seen in period photos
    Roman numeralIIIwhiteNr.III, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameOdinwhiteNr.III, ?not seen in period photos
    Roman numeralIIIblackNr.III, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameOdinblackNr.III, ?not seen in period photos
    Roman numeralIVwhiteNr.IV, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameThorwhiteNr.IV, 1942font is slightly different
    Roman numeralIVblackNr.IV, 1944
    nicknameThorblackNr.IV, 1944font is slightly different
    Roman numeralVwhiteNr.V, 1943
    nicknameLokiwhiteNr.V, 1943font is different
    Roman numeralVblackNr.V, 1944
    nicknameLokiblackNr.V, 1944
    Roman numeralVIwhiteNr.VI, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameZiuwhiteNr.VI, ?see notes below
    Roman numeralVIblackNr.VI, 1944
    nicknameZiublackNr.VI, 1944Warsaw uprising, letter on one side may be white (ref.[57])
    nicknameFeniriwhiteNr.VII?, ?not seen in period photos
    nicknameFeniriblackNr.VII?, ?not seen in period photos

    (March 2012)

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